A research on boston electricity supply company besco

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A research on boston electricity supply company besco

Public holidays in Canada

His name is well-remembered in Nova Scotia due to the annual observance of William Davis Miners' Memorial Day in recognition of Davis and also of all miners killed in the province's coal mines. Davis was a coal miner from a young age. His father worked in the mines at Springhill, Nova Scotia, and his older brother, then fourteen years old, was killed in the explosion there.

He married in and, bywas raising a family of nine children. His wife, Myrtle, was carrying a tenth child due in September. There were many small strikes in the Sydney coalfield between andbut the longest, inlasted from March to August.

When the latest contract expired on January 15,BESCO refused to deal with the union and on March 2 cut off credit at the company stores. The union went on strike four days later, with 12, miners manning the picket lines, leaving a small workforce to maintain the mines and keep them from flooding.

Despite the economic hardship which saw families come to the brink of starvation by June, the miners' resolve was strong. This included shutting down operations at the pumping station and power plant at Waterford Lake, which would prevent the company from resuming operations in that district.

On June 10, BESCO tasked its company police force to return to Waterford Lake with thirty company workers and continue its plan to restart the water and electricity to its facilities and to the parts of town that had the benefit of running water and power. The following morning on June 11, the company police began a patrol pattern of intimidation which led to small clashes throughout town, culminating in a protest by to 3, striking miners who marched on the Waterford Lake in an attempt to persuade the company workers to support the strike.

The company police were staring down the miners at One police officer shot deliberately at Davis, piercing his heart and killing him within minutes. The company police force then retreated as the miners swarmed the facility.

A research on boston electricity supply company besco

The coal miners also began attacking company stores and other coal company properties in the Sydney coalfield, resulting in the deployment of the provincial police force and almost 2, soldiers from the Canadian Army - the second-largest military deployment for an internal conflict in Canadian history after the Northwest Rebellion of BESCO eventually accepted government intervention and agreed to settle the strike.

The company was eventually taken over and merged into a larger conglomerate in called the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation DOSCObut Industrial Cape Breton remained a hotbed of labour activism Davis's funeral was held on June 14 with 5, mourners in attendance, the largest ever held for a funeral in New Waterford.

However, the Crown prosecutor dropped charges and agreed with the defence that the identity of the shooter was unknown and that MacLeod should not be singled out of the many police officers involved that day.

The day after William Davis was shot, Harry Muldoon and his family were relocated to Boston, Massachusetts for their own personal safety, to begin a new life.

Subsequent meetings of District 26 U. The first Davis Dayon June 11, saw many Cape Breton miners refuse to work, parading instead to the union hall in New Waterford and then to a local church for a memorial service.

Davis Day spread throughout District 26 in the ensuing years and became universally observed by miners throughout Nova Scotia, although it did not become a paid holiday until The latter follows the route taken by the miners on June 11, to the Waterford Lake pumping station and power plant.June.

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A research on boston electricity supply company besco

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Davis Day originated in memory of William Davis, a coal miner who was killed during a mining strike near the town of New Waterford. The protest was in response to a decision by the mining company, British Empire Steel and Coal Company (BESCO), to shut down the drinking water supply and electricity.

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