An analysis of one of the regular contributors

The role of the pastor in America seems to be more difficult with each passing year. We've interacted with thousands of pastors and have been to dozens of pastor conferences since the beginning of the year, and it's stunning to see these faithful servants doing so much. It has been humbling and inspiring to speak with pastors who have a day job or often a night joband support the ministry needs of an entire church. Many of these bi-vocational pastors attending spiritual and educational gatherings are reaching into their own pocket to pay the costs of travel to meet with one another and be encouraged by powerful preaching.

An analysis of one of the regular contributors

By contrast, environmental interests were the biggest bankroller of Democratic candidates, party committees and outside groups that supported them in The securities and investment industry had the second-largest representation among individuals in the One Percent of the One Percent who gave to Democrats and liberal outside groups.

In fact, the top five industries by party are similar — both also include real estate and miscellaneous finance in the top five. Donors from the oil and gas and manufacturing industries round out that list for Republicans.

While environmental giving surged among the. In the case of the latter, their contributions surged during consideration of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Actor Obamacare, in the last midterm cycle.

The bank is a seasoned player in the Washington influence game. Several other financial titans join it in the top 10 including Citigroup and the Blackstone Group investment firm. Google has upped its influence considerably in the past four years, moving up from 70th place on the list of organizations with the most employees in the Political One Percent of the One Percent, to seventh in Microsoft was the only other tech company to crack the top Our list of the top employers only includes donors for whom we could reliably identifier an employer, generally based on disclosures made by political committees to the Federal Election Commission.

An analysis of one of the regular contributors

New donors The makeup of this elite set of individuals is constantly in flux. Each election cycle brings out a different group of donors as the political landscape shifts, the candidates change and vehicles for fundraising evolve. Some givers are more prominent in presidential election cycles, while others seem to focus heavily on congressional races and appear most prominently in midterm election cycles.

That is exactly what happened in a number of cases in the cycle. An analysis of individuals who did not appear on the list but popped up in suggests that there is a new breed of elite donor infiltrating the top tier of rainmakers.

For example, Jeremy Grantham, a Boston investor and philanthropist known for his support of environmental causes, made a handful of donations prior to the cycle, some of them quite large. But the contributions were spotty and inconsistent in size. In andthe combined donations of Grantham and his wife would be large enough to make the list of the top one percent of donors, but not in or With that one gift, Grantham not only put himself in the top one percent of donors forhe landed at No.

Despite having no sign of being a political kingmaker or elite donor, Firman joined the. Firman finished just a few spots behind Grantham at No. Liberal super donor Tom Steyer gets the award for most dramatic ascent into the topmost tier of the super donors. On the other hand, Oracle founder Larry Ellison went in the opposite direction: The deaths of Harold Simmons and Bob Perry — two of the biggest donors to political causes of all time — in the cycle caused some turbulence on the list.

His latest, and final, tally was more than enough to keep him in the. The high density of big potential backers makes certain areas very appealing to politicians raising money.

A review of the top zip codes on our One Percenters list finds much of the money comes from donors who live near population hubs like New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington.

Of the 50 zip codes that produced the most money from the. Conservatives accounted for 70 percent of the contributions in and 80 percent in Donors in the One Percent of the One Percent accounted for almost all of the individual contributions to super PACs in the midterms and about 54 percent of all contributions including those from corporations and labor unions raised by super PACs.Engaging views and analysis from outside contributors on the issues affecting society and faith today.

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