Apple inc international marketing strategy

Based on these numbers, Apple has now gained the 2 spot as the second-largest company on the U. As companies attempt to sell their products and services to more and more demographics in more and more markets around the world, they are discovering — as Apple figured out quite a long time ago — that they can increase their sales when they adapt or recreate their messaging and content for specific target audiences, rather than translating directly from original versions.

Apple inc international marketing strategy

Sorry, I should have spent more time comparing the column graph with the pie chart!

Place or Distribution in Apple Inc.’s Marketing Mix

Starting slow to refine the concept followed by a slow rollout to refine the system of opening stores all makes sense.

But at some point years ago the value of the stores and the system for opening stores has been proven and perfected and then it should be time to get aggressive opening stores.

Apple has no shortage of money and has shown willingness to invest it back into the company. I think it is a notable misstep from Apple management. At this point, though, it would make much more sense to pick a generic design and reuse it for most stores—they can still make a few distinctive flagship stores of course.

They root out fake Apple stores in China, but these are filling an enormous vaccuum. They currently have eight stores there, to service a population of 1.

JohnDoey There are fairly generic Apple Stores in addition to the really unique ones. I would bet the holdup is related to human resources more than the actual store. The world is full of Apple fans eager to work at an Apple store.

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There should be a doubling time it takes a group of trainers to produce an equal number of new trainers. Perhaps the rate limiting factor has to do with requiring direct oversight from top management at Apple? The rest takes an enormous amount of careful recruitment, training and staff development, and therefore, a substantial amount of time.

The ripple effect of each store extends far beyond its walls and missteps have far larger consequences than for other retail brands.

They make them the most impressive public buildings in the town — almost temple-like in their drawing power. It is outside the US, that the Apple brand truly flourishes. JohnDoey I think they are trying to avoid ever having to close a store. Every store has to look busy pretty much all the time.

The press has had a great deal of fun showing pictures of empty Microsoft stores.

Apple inc international marketing strategy

Imagine what they would do with a picture of employees standing around with nothing to in an empty Apple store. Given random variation, if the traffic gets below a certain level, at some point, that picture opportunity will present itself. A website can be changed overnight, an iPod model can be replaced in a year, but a store will be open for a decade.

Who knows how big or small Apple will be in a decade?

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Best not to set up too many future liabilities so the company can remain nimble and profitable. At the same time, many other promising markets have been completely ignored.

It may just be that Apple lucked into hiring a really dynamic Spaniard who was able to put together a team which could more rapidly overcome the problems I suggested above?Major International Strategy: Apple Inc uses differentiation strategy as its major international strategy to deliver high customer value through its innovative brands in overseas market.

Through the help of this strategy, the organization has developed a strong market share in overseas market.5/5(K). Apple Inc. Report contains a full analysis of Apple business strategy.

The report illustrates the application of the major analytical strategic frameworks in business studies such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain analysis, Ansoff Matrix and McKinsey 7S Model on Apple. Transcript of Apple: International marketing strategy In Jobs decided to buy Power Computing's Mac OS license, and also Mac OS licences from Motorola and IBM, allowing Umax to stay, but filling only the low-end market with machines priced under $, Umax sold its remaining inventory of Macs and resigned to apple.

Apple inc international marketing strategy

The Marketing Strategy of Apple discusses its Distribution, marketing, BCG matrix and others. Apple has given us many delights over the years including the Macbook, the Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Iwatch, Itunes and others and it is known as one of the most innovative companies.

Globalization: Apple’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

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Maybe that seeming lack of social marketing strategy is, in fact, the strategy. Customers come to Apple. Apple creates the want and solidifies the brand in that way.

Françoise's passion is helping companies devise a strategy for international market share, and she gained that. Apple Strives for Global Markets Hidden among flashier details of Apple Inc.'s iPhone 4 unveiling was this surprise: 88 countries will get the latest device by September, a .

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