Assignmnet 1

October 28, Assignment 1: Demand Estimation Due Week 3 and worth pointsImagine that you work for the maker of a leading brand of low-calorie, frozen microwavable food thatestimates the following demand equation for its product using data from 26 supermarkets around thecountry for the month of April. Your professor will provide you with the equation and data necessary for you to complete thisassignment. You will find this information attached to Assignment 1 within the course shell.

Assignmnet 1

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Picobot's Javascript source is readily available from the source of either of the above pages. Metadata Summary Picobot -- a Karel-like assignment suitable for the first problem of the first assignment of a first CS course Topics Computer science, broadly construed: Audience An advantage of requiring no CS background at all is that this activity can be used with almost any audience.

We have used it in orientation activities, in high-school outreach programs, and in hands-on recruiting sessions when we want students to walk away feeling challenged in ways they had not anticipated. Difficulty The full spectrum from easy to impossible. Every student completes the first environment.

No student has ever completed the most difficult one.

Assignmnet 1

Strengths We feel Picobot retains the fundamental advantages of Karel: Picobot is simple enough to explain and practice in-class -- in less than 20 minutes. It lends itself to pencil-and-paper thinking, which we use as a "pair-and-share" activity with the 75 students in our very first lecture of CS 1.

Picobot is a true computer science activity: Picobot has a graphical interface that needs only a browser, similar to some Karel simulators. The development and simulation environments fit into a single-screen webpage.

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We find this helps early in the term, because every student can access and complete the assignment, even if they have no computer or, more common, are struggling in getting their computer s set up. They simply borrow a friend's. But the additional value that we have seen Picobot provide lies in its differences from other Karel-like approaches: Because of this language-independence, Picobot is background-independent: Because of this background-independence, it reduces the "show-off" factor that we have found can creep into early CS 1 lectures among certain students.

Because CS 1 is required, every student at the college, regardless of major, takes this class and does this assignment. Picobot provides natural hooks into many facets of CS. In the first lecture, we use Picobot to motivate CS as a crucial link in real-life applications: Picobot's task is exactly a discretized version of the task of iRobot's Roomba line of vacuums.

CS as the study of complexity:If you wish to do the assignment using a standard Python script instead of a notebook, that is ok; submit a file named In either case, please add a clear header to the beginning of each part of the assignment (e.g.

"## Part 1") and make sure your final result is obvious (e.g. by adding a comment like "# Final Result for Part 1" in the. First assignment help is a leading name and reputed company serving its clients with scholarly assignments. We are not restricted to a particular subject, hence, we provide assignments on all the topics and subjects one can imagine of.

All four answers so far are incorrect, in that they assert a specific order of events.. Believing that "urban legend" has led many a novice (and professional) astray, to wit, the endless stream of questions about Undefined Behavior in expressions.

Read 53 answers by scientists with recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by Owen Fenton on May 14, Section - Differential Equations and Mathe-matical Models Verify by substitution that the given function is a solution of the given differential equation.

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Throughout these problems, primes de-note derivatives with respect to x. Spreadsheet Assignment #1 Spreadsheet Assignment #1 The Restaurant Business Assignment: 1. Create 3 years of the following financial statements required for a business plan. a) Monthly Cash Budgets b) Year-End Income Statements c) Year-End Balance Sheets Notes: 1.

This is a start-up restaurant business.

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