Ginger cultivation business plans

Salada shrugs off ginger, pimento losses as sales climb Published: Friday June 16, Salada Foods Jamaica has decided to shelve the ginger project that would have supplied raw material to its spice-making subsidiary and source the tuber from small farmers instead.

Ginger cultivation business plans

Including context in which Business Operate.

ginger cultivation business plans

It will enhance the Business Planning Process and teach a lot about the Business that you are like to learn, you will Identify Future Trouble area and Opportunity and help to Run Business smoothly. It is Valuable Tool for fulfil your vision, Goal and Objectives.

Most of the world trade in ginger is as a dried spice, however fresh rhizomes are also traded. The oleoresins account for the pungency, which provides most of the medicinal value of ginger.


Most common are the gingerols, which are largely responsible for the anti-inflammatory, antinauseant and antioxidant effects. There are also components of the spice with antiviral activity and zingibain is a powerful protein-digesting enzyme. Significant processors and exporters of confectionery ginger products are Australia, China, Fiji and Thailand.

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India offers ginger in a variety of forms; oils, oleoresins, fresh ginger in brine, pickles, candies and syrups. Ginger oils and oleoresins are the value added products obtained from the dry rhizomes of Zingeber Officinale by steam distillation and followed by solvent extraction. The volatile part that imparts the characteristic sweet, warm citrus like pleasant smell, is the essential oil and is obtained by steam distillation.

Solvent extraction of fresh ginger will yield oleoresins, which will combine the aroma and the parting compound as well as pungent compound-gingerols and shogaols.In the last three years ginger has gone to be the most price agro commodity after coca but in Ginger was more expensive than cocoa making it the most price agro commodity in the country, in the international market ginger went from $1, per ton in to $5, per ton in Acquired Sales Corp.

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Ginger Farming Guide: Introduction of Ginger Farming: Ginger is one of excellent spice crops cultivated in Asia and India accounts for 40 % of the world’s ginger production. Ginger root has high demand in national and international markets due to its excellent uses and benefits.

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I started growing ginger in when a friend let me use part of his land. The planting was done on a small scale, about a quarter an acre of land. The first harvest filled five sacks, each weighing kgs. This plan allows you to start small (with only square metres of ground) and grow your business as much as you choose.

We must stress that you do not need previous experience with growing garlic (or anything else) to follow this plan.

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