How to wash your hair

Takeaway Hair care is a highly personal choice. There is rarely a medical reason to wash hair at all. So the decision about how frequently to wash hair depends on a person's hair type, scalp texture, how oily the hair gets, and personal preference. For some people, too-frequent washing can cause damaged hair and a dry, itchy scalp.

How to wash your hair

August 14, By neva 57 Comments I am not high maintenance. My routines are very simple and the products I use are mostly drugstore brands that are easy on the pocket and just as effective.

An extension of my lazy routine is my wish to have wash and wear hair. I have had this wish since high school. Trinity of The Matrix. Of course as with most girls, nagsawa ako sa short hair and I grew my hair long again.

I had bangs cut but my hair was in an eternal pony tail.

How to wash your hair

The elusive wash and wear hair was still…. Until I read from some Hollywood chismis online site about Brazilian Blowouts. What intrigued me was the promise that my hair will look like nagpapa blow dry ako everyday.

This means uncontrollable frizzy hair that would just go crazy when the weather is super humid. My hair is always up in a ponytail and it was dry already. Luckily, a friend was also sharing these posts in her FB feed: I followed the Brazilian Blowout IG page too bblowoutph.

I asked friends and officemates about the treatment and also about the other options available out there to tame my hair. I read helpful online reviews, some of whom reported that other treatments were a bit harsh and the chemical had fumes pa.

I went to Freshaire Market! She confirmed and I also saw the items at on display at the salon. The solution was applied only to my hair and did not touch my scalp. During the treatment, my eyes stinged a little, I guess it was the fumes from the solution? The stylist was so diligent with this process.

She sectioned my hair and ironed each section carefully. She caught all my baby hair too and ironed them straight. We waited for my head to cool off literally because it was hot from all the blow drying and the ironing. This was my hair after the ironing.

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One thing I noticed was that throughout the process, my hair felt really light. The solution used on me did not feel heavy nor sticky. It also had a light scent.

I kept touching my hair too and my hair was not all stuck together. : Garnier Hair Color Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color, Pink Pop : Beauty

It felt really soft! And this serum was really light too. Again ang bango nya and when I asked how much it was, it was almost 2k haha! It was half the cost of my treatment!

I do love though that Freshaire used most of the Brazilian Blowout line on me. Smooth, shiny hair achieved! The true test naman really is the day after.

How to wash your hair

The stylist and receptionist told me I could wash my hair again as soon as I get home or when I wake up in the morning. I just brushed my hair a few times and voila!

The day after syempre nag shampoo na ako using regular shampoo. I did not buy any special shampoo or conditioner. I just used what I had at home. I also did not blow dry my hair. I jumped into the car with my hair wet.

How Shampoo & Conditioner Work

Dahil sa traffic, my hair was already dry when we got to Makati.If you color your hair, opt for color-safe formulas. “Volumizing” shampoos tend to leave hair drier, so they’re best for fine hair types that would be weighed down by more moisturizing products. How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type, too.

If you have oily or fine hair, you may need to shampoo daily. Normal or dry hair can lather up . Continued Who Can Go a Few Days Without Washing?

How To Wash Hair Without Shampoo (the Ultimate Guide!)

The thicker your hair and the less oil, the less you need to shampoo. “Some people with dry hair or curly hair can wash much less frequently.

I wash my hair every single day. Even if I have had it blow-dried the night before, or if I oversleep, or even if it looks fine when I wake up - I can’t not do it. I just like the feeling of freshly-washed hair, plus mine gets greasy really quickly. What is the No Poo Method & How to Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo Successfully.

No Poo Recipes, Tips on Going No Poo & Having Beautiful No Poo Hair. Wash hair sparingly and use a good-quality shampoo. Washing hair too often can leave hair dried out, leached of its natural oils, and may damage your hair.

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