How to write a blues song on piano

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How to write a blues song on piano

How do you write a song? What are the components of a song? What do you need to know? These are all good questions and I hope to answer them in this lesson. The very first thing you need to do is pick a key for your song.

The key of the song is the scale that your chord progression and melodies will be based on. I am going to use C major for an example, because it is an easy scale to work with. As you learn more scales, you will begin to get a feel for what emotions relate best to certain scales.

Now that we know our song is in the C major key, what chords do we use? A lot of popular songs use three basic chords. These chords are the I, IV, and V chords.

In the key of C those chords are C, F, and G. The V chord has a tendency to push the ear back toward the I chord. Because of this it is common to end a phrase or a musical section on the V chord.

The root chord itself gives a sense of closure, so it is good to end a song on that chord.

12 Bar Blues | Piano Lessons

Ok, so we know what key our song is in, and what chords we are going to use. How do we go about creating melodies that work well with those chords? Well, first and foremost, you know that you are going to be using the notes in the scale that you have chosen for your song, so that narrows it down a bit.

Until you develop the knowledge of intervals needed to really play by ear, try making your melody out of the notes of the chord you are using. So, have we written a song yet? Not really, but we have created a musical idea. What makes up a full song? Well, in popular music there is usually a verse, a chorus, and maybe a little change in there somewhere called a bridge.

The process for creating each of these is the same as for creating the basic musical idea from above. The new chord is going to be the VI chord. When I sit down to write a song, I know how the chords relate to each other in a particular key. Sitting down at your piano and playing the different chords that make up the key, just messing around and playing them in different orders, will give you the same knowledge.

After you get the chord progression down, begin to play a melody based on the scale that the song is in. Just play around with the notes and see what comes up. For the next lesson, I recommend practicing some piano covers.

Learn To Play Piano 10 free step-by-step video lessons to get you started playing the piano!Piano Blues runs through the entire history of the music itself, embracing everything from ragtime, barrelhouse, boogie woogie, and smooth West Coast jazz stylings to .

Learn How To Play The 12 Bar Blues On The Piano! Today I want to talk to you about the 12 bar blues. The 12 bar blues is a chord progression used in blues and rock music that lasts for 12 bars.

"Matchbox" is a blues song written and recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in It was recorded as a rockabilly song by Carl Perkins in December and by Jerry Lee Lewis in The Carl Perkins tune shares some lyrics with s blues songs by Ma Rainey and Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Sam Phillips and Sun Records released the Carl Perkins version as the B-side to "Your True Love". Augusta’s Blues & Swing Week provides participants with the opportunity to work with some of the finest performers and educators in the Blues and Swing worlds. BLUES Piano Keyboard.

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how to write a blues song on piano

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how to write a blues song on piano

Perfect Fourths Guitar. Fourths. How to Write a Blues Song Step One: Immerse Yourself Please share it if you are able to write your own blues song.

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