How to write a stage review

People use PowerPoint a lot. It is far more to do with how people use it. And it might help you make them listen. OK, first some basics, paradoxically, in bullet-point form.

How to write a stage review

Shatila Stories, a novella shaped from nine pieces of fiction created following a writing workshop, proves that wrong. Not only does it cohere, but its strength lies in its multiplicity of viewpoints and voices, which, instead of being a clever postmodern trick, lend depth, texture and most of all, authenticity — essential given that this is a story set in Shatila, a teeming refugee camp in Beirut.

Its nine writers, some of whom fled the war in Syria, some of whom were born in the camp, know it intimately, and the result is a startlingly unusual book, one that has the potential to open minds and change perceptions. It was the scene of a brutal massacre inwhen militants tortured and killed between and 3, people there and in the neighbouring Sabra district; unsurprisingly, that slaughter haunts the pages of Shatila Stories.

These days the camp is governed by various Palestinian factions and left entirely unpoliced by Lebanon, its narrow alleyways, apartments, cafes and markets a pressure cooker allowing the very worst, and the very best, in human nature to flourish.

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Tragedy, when it strikes, is shocking and unexpected — no less so for having been cleverly foreshadowed — yet life carries on, as it must for those left behind.

Peirene is a London-based publisher of novels in translation. With Suhir Helal, she chose nine participants, ranging in age from 18 to 42; after the workshop, they each had six weeks in which to deliver a 4,word typed draft, and during those weeks the group conferred via WhatsApp.

Helal and Ziervogel then returned to the camp to work with the writers on their pieces and turn them into a coherent narrative, which was then translated. Of course, the process was anything but simple.

None of it matters. Ziervogel admits that early on in the project she considered pulling the plug.

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Their concentration and determination became palpable. No pity is necessary:Baby Teeth–Coming 7/17/18–A Fascinating and Shocking Novel. Wow, Baby Teeth is one of the darkest, creepiest horror books that I’ve read in a long time. It was a fascinating story, in a shocking-horror-type of way.

how to write a stage review

I couldn’t put the book down, and read it in one sitting. Review - Model answer 2.

Writing the Review

Animal Farm, by George Orwell. This is an unusual book, set on a farm. The characters, led by the pigs, are mainly animals, who get rid of .

how to write a stage review

It was also a chance for Write Bloody to help out Timber Mouse Press, another slam poetry press just emerging in Austin, by sharing the stage with some of its authors. Review of stage performance of Romeo and Juliet September the 10th, a day I will never forget. Why, because on that day I went together with my classmates of the International secondary school Eindhoven (ISSE) to the play “Romeo and Juliet” in “stadsschouwburg Eindhoven”.

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