Mat 222 week 5 discussion questions

As you settle into your position, you realize that the employees always act scared as they approach their superiors. Some of the employees even deliver files and leave your office in a hurry.

Mat 222 week 5 discussion questions

To solve this problem, you will be required to do some work that will not be included in the discussion point. First, graph your functions so that you can clearly describe the graphs in your post. Your graph itself is not required in your post, although a discussion of the graph is required.

Make sure you have at least five points for each equation to graph. Show all math work for finding the points. Points with decimal values need not be listed, as they might be found in a square root function.

Mat 222 week 5 discussion questions

Stick to integer value points. Discuss the general shape and location of each of your graphs. State the domain and range for each of your equations.

Write them in interval notation. State whether each of the equations is a function or not giving your reasons for the answer.

Select one of your graphs and assume it has been shifted three units upward and four units to the left. Discuss how this transformation affects the equation by rewriting the equation to incorporate those numbers.

Incorporate the following five math vocabulary words into your discussion. Do not write definitions for the words; use them appropriately in sentences describing the thought behind your math work.

Function Vertical Line test Transformation Your initial post should be at least words in length.pol pol/ pol week 5 discussion 1/dq 1 movie time! the cold war {{latest}}. This work MAT Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Relations and Functions contains solutions on the following tasks: Find your two equations in the list below based on the last letter of your last name.

There are many ways to go about solving math problems. GC PSC Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 dq 1 Considering the increased focus on values such as sustainability, environmental rights, human rights, and social responsibility, identify the behaviors and actions you might see in boards, senior leadership teams, and employees based on these values.

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Mat 222 week 5 discussion questions

If you have questions that do not get resolved immediately quickly, you can contact Rachel Davis at [email protected] Here is the Actual Midterm 1 that was given in Fall And here are the Solutions to Actual Here is a link to some additional past exams for Math https.

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