Napoleons success in europe to 1807 essay

With the modern creation of mass conscription, the French Empire quickly grew, as Napoleon sought to create a universal hegemony over all of Europe. These battles represented a strategic turning point for the French, and demonstrated the supreme military might of the French Empire and strategic genius of Napoleon Bonaparte. After failing to carry out his planned invasion of England inNapoleon led his Grand Armee from the English Channel to the Rhine in order to deal with new threats there. Napoleon knew he needed to defeat the Austrian force if he was to stand a chance against the entire coalition.

Napoleons success in europe to 1807 essay

Table of Contents Brief Overview Inafter the French Revolution had quieted into the Thermidorean Reaction, a brilliant general named Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the Directory and came into power as leader of the Consulate, beginning in Under Napoleon, France became a nationalist power, expanding its territory into Italy and exerting its influence over other powers.

Napoleon consolidated his rule by suppressing rebellions in France, normalizing relations with the Church in the Concordat ofand streamlining the French law system in the Napoleonic Code. ByNapoleon was so powerful that he declared himself Emperor. Defeating the various military coalitions the other powers of Europe threw against him, Napoleon won battle after battle: MarengoAusterlitzJena-Auerstadt, and Friedland He built a vast empire of dependant states, forced Czar Alexander I to ally with him in the Treaty of Tilsit, and controlled the majority of Europe.

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Everywhere he went he spread the reforms and influence of the French Revolution to a remarkable extent. Just about the only blemish on his record during the first decade of the 19th century was a stunning naval loss to Britain at the Battle of Trafalgar Seeking to undermine Britain's sea power, Napoleon issued the Berlin Decree inimposing the Continental System on Europe, which was meant to stop European countries from trading with Britain.

Instead of hurting Britain, the Continental System hurt Napoleon. Upset by Napoleonic rule, Germanic nationalism got its start, and the Germans began to move towards Romanticism as an intellectual rebellion against French Enlightenment ideas.

In Spain, the attempt to impose the Continental System led to the Peninsular War, a protracted guerrilla war that diverted French forces from the rest of Europe. InNapoleon replaced his wife, Josephine, who had borne him no heir, with a younger wife, Marie Louise of Austria.

They produced an heir, referred to as The King of Rome. Napoleon's happiness did not last, however, because at the end ofAlexander I withdrew Russia from the Continental System.

Napoleons success in europe to 1807 essay

InNapoleon moved his Grand Army into Russia. Though Napoleons army pushed the Russians into constant retreat, the terrible Russian winter decimated Napoleon's Grand Army.

Napoleon rushed home to raise a new army, but was defeated in October by an international coalition of armies at the Battle of Leipzig. As the powers were just starting to negotiate a settlement, Napoleon escaped from Elba and returned to France, raising an army during the period known as the Hundred Days.

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He was then exiled to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, where he eventually died. The chaotic Europe left behind by roughly two decades of war was reorganized by the Congress of Vienna The major powers sent their top negotiators: The complex and delicate negotiations in Vienna created a stable Europe wherein no one power could dominate the others, as Napoleon's France had, for quite some time.

Not until a century later, when World War I started inwould another Europe-wide military conflict break out.It was really the greatest success of Napoleon that he progressed from the post of an army officer to the throne of France. In fact, he dazzled the people of France by his victories and occupied the throne with great pomp and show.

Brief Essay on the Foreign Policy of Napoleon Bonaparte of France His empire had reached the zenith of its glory during Hazen has written about it: It was really the greatest success of Napoleon that he progressed from the post of an army officer to the throne of France.

In fact, he dazzled the people of France by his.

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Category: Papers; Title: Reasons for Napoleon's Success. Support of Napoleon Within France Essay examples - Support of Napoleon Within France Introduction The French Revolution had proceeded in the name of liberty, yet successive forms of repression had been mounted to defend it.

Further pointing out Napoleons success is Emsley in ‘Napoleon’: “Napoleon Brought internal stability to France after the upheaval of the revolution. He fostered reconciliation between old and new elites and restored the Catholic Church – on his own terms.

In , abandoning plans to invade England, Napoleon moved his Grande Armee to central Europe to meet oncoming Russian and Austrian armies. His greatest victory was the Battle of Austerlitz on 2 December —although it was diminished somewhat by Nelson’s earlier destruction of the French fleet off the coast of Spain at Trafalgar.

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