Nne fast track projects

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Nne fast track projects

Benefits[ edit ] Shorter schedules are desirable for reasons that vary with building owners. Shorter schedules may also reduce the cost of construction financing and reduce overhead costs for the design and construction organizations.

Shorter schedules may also reduce the impact of inflation during construction. The fast-tracking of the project is therefore achieved through the integration of design and construction phases.

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But Fast-Track is more difficult to manage than the traditional design—bid—build process. It requires detailed knowledge of the process, effective planning, integrity and close coordination among the organizations executing the work.

Nne fast track projects

Inherent risks[ edit ] The final cost of the project is uncertain when construction begins because design is not complete. On Fast-Track projects, the design, construction documents and specifications are incomplete, so setting the final cost presents problems.

To deal with this difficultly, owners typically use a cost-reimbursable contract with the builder a construction manager Nne fast track projects a general contractor.

However, even with a GMP, there can be argument over the scope of work covered by the GMP since the design was incomplete when the contract was executed. There is also a risk that work built in an early phase of the project may not suit later design decisions.

For instance, if the building shape changes after the foundations are built, there is increased cost and delay to modify the completed foundations.

Or an item of equipment that is selected late in the process may require drains or water and power connections that were not anticipated early in the project.


Furthermore, the interpretation of the design brief from the contractor may differ from the owner which can result in a conflict of interest. If time is not crucial, owners may take a prudent approach to finish design and get a fixed lump-sum price before starting construction the design—bid—build process.

However, if there is a reason to speed project delivery, Fast-Track can be used with any project delivery strategy, such as CM at Risk and Agency CM see Construction managementdesign—buildbridging and integrated project delivery. Even the traditional design—bid—build process can use Fast-Track concepts by bidding separate general construction contracts for phases of the work.

However, many owners choose experienced project teams and consider the rewards to be well worth the risks. One source states that Fast-Track is used on 40 percent of building projects. The political assumption was that the low lump sum bid demonstrated a prudent use of public money, and open competitive bidding demonstrated a fair selection of contractors.

Since competitive lump-sum bidding required complete construction drawings and specifications, Fast-Track as used in Industry was unavailable to public owners.

Nne fast track projects

However, most public procurement regulations allowed procurement of architectural, engineering and other services based on the qualifications of the service provider. See the Brooks Act [6] for the approach used by the federal government.Related Field Guides - Portland and Chesil Beach or Chesil Bank.

Portland Field Guide - Geological Introduction Portland Bill Portland Harbour Portland Bibliography. On Fast-Track projects, the design, construction documents and specifications are incomplete, so setting the final cost presents problems.

To deal with this difficultly, owners typically use a cost-reimbursable contract with the builder (a construction manager or a general contractor). We deliver 3, projects a year covering just about everything, all within the framework of good manufacturing practice.

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Expertise areas Core services Regions. GMP compliance and fast-track execution, NNE supported Novo Nordisk with design and start-up of launch plant for new oral solid dosage product. Executive Summary Novo Nordisk Engineering (NNE) went through a fundamental re-thinking of its business through the development of fast track projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

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