Ny times essay contest meat

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Ny times essay contest meat

Can Eating Meat Be Ethical? It was my friend, and oft-times farmers market helper, Andrew Armentano. I finished my hammering, grabbed a cool drink of water, and headed inside to the computer.

New York Times Writing Contest …and have them end up at your local farmers market? Naturally, I felt compelled to respond. Did I come close, or miss the mark? As a farmer who is responsible for the raising and slaughter of thousands of animals each year, I check in with this question often.

InI returned home from college to an agricultural community being bulldozed into suburbia. Overnight, barns were demolished, and pastures paved. Agricultural prices that season for corn and soybeans, the food crops we raised, were terribly depressed. Something had to change, immediately, or our five hundred acre family farm would cease to grow anything other than townhouses.

Ny times essay contest meat

Certainly, these sorts of events were widely decried in the press, with journalists chronicling the demise of yet another another multi-generational family farm forced to sell out. Much like the price of the grain that we raised, this talk was cheap.

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Indeed, the bulldozers finally stopped… at the precise moment the housing bubble burst. No sentimental reporting on family farms, and certainly no pitchfork-wielding street rioters, effected this change. It was motivated not by ethics, but by economics.

For our farm, the solution that finally made our land economically and environmentally sustainable lay in the raising of animals for meat. Pastures of zero-input grass replaced the fields of chemical-intensive corn.

Free-range, grass-fed cattle and sheep now flourish on our farm, with no additional amendments besides sunshine and rain.

Ny times essay contest meat

They even fertilize as they graze, eliminating the need to clean up manure. Our two hundred year old farm was on the precipice of being plowed under, then paved over. Grass-fed animals, and the complete protein they provide, preserved acres of sustainably green open-space.

Kimber Herron, seasoning grass-finished steaks on the front porch of our farm store. I was inspired to farm this way because of my farmers market customers, the fervently motivated people who sought us out.

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They wanted assurance that our animals were humanely raised, and slaughtered with a dignity befitting their sacrifice. They wanted to know about our butcher, and precisely how the animals died. Discussions about our environmental practices, chemical use, and antibiotics ensued.

The questions they asked were a model of ethical inquiry. For many customers, our meat was purchased only after a thorough philosophical vetting and a visit to our farm. Super-star employee Patty Childs is glazing empanadas, made with the meat of our free-range cows and pigs.Feb 05,  · New York Times’ article, Affluent, Born Abroad and Choosing New York’s Public Schools by Kirk Semple and the passage Benefits of Private Education presented by the Council of Private Education discuss opposing sides on private verse public school benefits for .

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May 03,  · The time has come to reveal the thrilling results of the Ethicist’s reader-essay contest on eating meat. Dec 02,  · Read and discuss hundreds of entries to our college essay contest, searchable by theme as well as by the writers' home states, colleges and years of graduation. Faculty Resources The New York Times and the CIC have formed a partnership to explore issues of leadership in undergraduate education.

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