Prejudice in of mice and men 3 essay

Use an editor to spell check essay. Everywhere you look there is prejudice, you may be the wrong color, worship the wrong God or wear the wrong thing.

Prejudice in of mice and men 3 essay

My essay was to anaylze how Steinbeck uses the theme of prejudice to show different things: Race, gender, physical features — all unable to be altered.

Of Mice and Men Summary

It can be devastating when another person judges someone on these qualities alone. A person has no control of what others really think of them. Crooks, the African American stable buck, is one of the most obvious examples of how racial prejudice can intensify loneliness and make one feel as if they are minimized to nothing.

The different intensities of prejudice can be perceived during this novel. For example, the other workers fear any interaction with him, and one night Crooks explains to Lennie why he does not interact with the others.

They say I stink.


This lack of social contact has caused him to grow into an isolated and bitter individual. Also, when a person is deficient in social companions it makes one feel worthless, unimportant, and depressed.

Humans need other people to thrive, and without many social connections, it can cause sadness and unbridled despair. The other characters also emanate prejudice towards him by calling him harsh names on a regular basis.

After this statement was declared, Crooks sank back into his bed and drew into himself 88feeling utterly useless and as hollow as an empty walnut shell. This depicts how being prejudiced against can hurt someone deeply and cause substantial misery in a person. The other men all live together, whereas Crooks is forced to be isolated in a small shed 73because he is African American.

This shows how he is seen as unimportant or useless because while the other men sleep on beds, Crooks is required to sleeping in a box.

These many accounts of prejudice have transformed Crooks into a much different person. As a result, he became a hostile being, filled with animosity towards any person that disturbs him. Though Crooks deserves equal respect on the farm, he is not treated with fairness due to prejudice. This prejudice induces her tremendous loneliness and feelings of inadequacy as the only woman on the farm.

Prejudice in of mice and men 3 essay

Since many of the others believe these stereotypes, they avoid contact with her, which contributes greatly to her loneliness. Else he gets mad. The lack of social companions deepens the sorrow and lonesomeness in her and causes her to resort to seeking attention from the men.

The sexual prejudice in this story not only initiates loneliness, but it causes one to be treated as it they were minimized to nothing.

This novel was published inand during that time women were often seen as objects or possessions. Many forms of prejudice can still be observed today in jobs, school, and various social situations, similar to what is seen in Of Mice and Men. Not only can it obliterate hopes and dreams, but it can lower self-esteem and cause one to feel hopeless and Update: Although prejudice has lessened since the time of this novel, it still predominates in our world each and every day.Of Mice And Men Essay Of Mice and Men Matthew Bullington 8/31/ AP English Period 5 Of Mice and Men Thematic Essay Violence in the novel Of Mice and Men is an everyday reality.

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