Princeton economics senior thesis

Senior Thesis Advisor Assignments. Canes-Wrone, Brandice nbsp; Senior Thesis Advisor Evaluation Form — Princeton Economics Student name required for submission for collection purposes, but will be kept confidential in form results.

Princeton economics senior thesis

Generalist Track The Generalist Track is designed for students who want a broad-based introduction to environmental issues and who wish to study a wide range of topics in environmental studies from a variety of perspectives social, political, scientific, etc.

Program requirements also are published in the Princeton Undergraduate Announcement. Population, Land Use, Biodiversity, and Energy. Students are encouraged to take their foundation course as early as possible in their academic careers. Please note the laboratory option is not required for the Generalist Track.

Two of these electives must be chosen from different academic divisions, such as engineering, the humanities, the natural sciences, or the social sciences.

Three of the four ENV electives must be at the level or higher. Students may petition the ENV Program Director to have additional courses approved to fulfill elective requirements. To be considered for elective designation, courses must include a significant environmental component.

Students are encouraged to discuss course choices with the program director or undergraduate administrator early in their planning process. Concentrations within the Generalist Track Students in the Generalist Track can choose to focus their coursework in the humanities or social sciences.

Suggested course sequences for both concentrations are below. Environmental Humanities Focus One core course:Achen, Christopher FULL Voting; Public Opinion; American Politics; Historical Elections; State Politics; Canadian Politics; Taiwan Politics; Irish Politics; Religion and Politics Beissinger, Mark AVAILABLE Comparative Politics; Russian and Post-Soviet Politics; Nationalism; Ethnic Conflict; Social.

Princeton economics senior thesis

Senior Thesis deadline is the same deadline as for your department major Independent Paper deadline is Dean’s Date for spring term. All papers will require a one paragraph summary or abstract of the paper’s finance content and the name of the advisor who assisted with the thesis or paper.

Oliver Bloom Oliver is a senior in the Woodrow Wilson School and hails from Richmond, NH. He is interested on the intersection of national security and economics. He is presently writing his senior thesis on the relationship between Presidential foreign policy doctrine and military capabilities.

He plans to pursue a career in public policy or consulting before returning to. Wendy Kopp '89, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Teach For America, describes her experiences at Princeton University and her senior thesis, in which she.

Aug 29,  · They complete two or three additional economics electives, a senior thesis, and a senior comprehensive exam in their senior year.

Princeton economics senior thesis

JIW In parallel to their economics coursework, our juniors embark on a yearlong introduction to the art and science of conducting independent research. Members of my research group are tackling a range of topics in different places, but in all of our work we strive to use a combination of ecology, economics, and policy research to find workable solutions to challenging conservation issues.

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