The cost of losing a military

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The cost of losing a military

What exactly does the U. The support the U. We are supporting nations now, militarily, we are supporting nations like Saudi Arabia. We are supporting Japan.

I order thousands of television sets because I am in the real estate business, you know, in my other life, OK. It has been a U. That might be policy, but maybe … Cooper: South Korea as well.

Saudi Arabia, nuclear weapons? You would be fine with them having nuclear weapons? No, not nuclear weapons, but they have to protect themselves or they have to pay us.

We contacted the National Priorities Projectwhich tracks federal spending, and Research Director Lindsay Koshgarian put together spreadsheets for us with numbers from the USAID Greenbookwhich includes data on overseas loans and grants. There are also Saudi-funded training and advisory roles for U.

We could go back a decade and still see very little in direct U. Strategically, the report said, this made sense. Senate Armed Services Committee report, April 15, The fact that such a high percentage of our overseas spending involves those three countries is not surprising.

And our alliance with the Republic of Korea is central to both our strategic interests in the Asia Pacific and our ability to deal with the unpredictable and frequently aggressive behavior of the North Korean regime.

There are about 49, U. These countries make contributions toward the cost of keeping U. The Senate Committee on Armed Services report concluded that the contributions from those two countries, which were agreed upon by the U.

The cost of losing a military

In terms of Germany, the report faulted the U. So, what is the extra cost the U. The RAND numbers are estimates, and the report describes the difficulty in making such calculations.

After the Korean War started, the U. The one-sided nature of the U. For instance, Abe successfully pushed new laws, which took effect in March, that allow Japan to defend U.

In exchange, the U.

The cost of losing a military

An April 6 Wall Street Journal editorial mentioned that contribution, as well as billions of dollars that both Japan and South Korea are contributing to U. But the facts are that military spending in these countries is a relatively small percentage of total U. Still, the total amount for the four countries Trump mentioned was small:The relative costs drops into the ten-thousandths of a percent when taken in context of the Department of Defense budget as a whole, expected to be proposed at $ billion.

The F cost $ But it could actually be substantially more if you buy a home in a high-cost county. Get the FAQs on VA Home Loans These VA Home Loan FAQs ensures members are fully prepared to. Excessive drinking within the military is estimated to result in a loss of , work days and 34, arrests per year, half of which are for driving under the influence.

Finally, these data indicate that each year excessive alcohol use results in 10, active-duty military being unable to deploy and 2, being separated from service duty.

But China’s actual military spending is estimated to be much higher than the official budget: according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, China spent some $ billion on its military last year, roughly % of the official figure of $ billion.

The Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is a non-taxable allowance designed to offset the higher overseas prices of non-housing goods and services.

It affects approximately , Service members at locations overseas, including Alaska . ACT Today! for Military Families works to improve awareness and delivery of effective autism services, and provides financial assistance to military families to help defray out-of-pocket costs associated with autism treatments and other quality of life programs.

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