The creative process and techniques in photography

The truth is, everyone has creative potential. Graham Wallas was an English social psychologist and co-founder of the London School of Economics. Preparation It sounds simple, and maybe a bit obvious, but this first step really does lay the foundation for the entire process.

The creative process and techniques in photography

As photographers, we all want to be constantly improving our work. However, often this can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when you are just starting out. As an art form, photography is all about the creative process and exploring ideas through images, but in order to really create great images you need to put a plan in place for your own development; especially focused on skills, inspiration, purpose and output.

By tackling these elements you can focus your mind and develop your work, to help you produce better and more refined art every time you go out on location. Skills — The Basics In order to get on to the creative elements, having a solid understanding of the base knowledge first is integral to improving your art as a photographer.

It may seem like a huge task, but with solid work you can come to grips with being able to shoot in full manual mode easily within a month. There are a large number of fantastic tutorials here on dPS that can help you to get up to speed and really understand the basics.

Focus Days Taking your learning further is all about practice and persistence, so think about spending a few days focused on certain image types. Set yourself the task of going out the door to just shoot panning images, wide angles, bokeh, etc.

No matter how many years you have been shooting, testing yourself and constantly putting in the time will always help you improve. Small efforts done consistently lead to great results. Restrict Yourself Creativity is something people often believe thrives with options, but in honesty, having too many things to choose from can often dilute your vision and reduce the creativity within your images.

Restrict yourself by focusing on a single subject for an extended period of time. Build a long term project in your garden or local nature reserve and keep returning to build upon your images.

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These practices will enhance your skills when it comes to general shooting, as you will be able to quickly select and formulate the ways and ideas you want to shoot. Record In order to get the best out of the images you are taking and the skills you are learning, remember to record them.

Working with a simple notebook or online workbook, evaluate the images you have taken for successes and failures, in order to cement the lessons in your mind and learn from your work. Inspiration Inspiration is very important for your development as a photographer.

Without constant inspiration it can be hard to formulate ideas and develop on past work. Galleries A traditional showcase of artwork, galleries are still a fantastic option for gaining some inspiration.

The variety of work on show, from ancient works such as stone carvings and cave paintings, through to impressionism and modernism, really do offer a superb variety of visual stimuli. Often, to get the best out of them, attending a tour or showcase day can help, giving you the backstories of the work as well as explaining the techniques and mediums used.

This knowledge will inform, and allow you to formulate your own processes when creating images in the field. Nature As a wildlife photographer, nature is a huge inspiration to me. Heading out on walks, be it with or without a camera, is a great way to soak up some atmosphere.

Look at light and shape of the landscape, and pull in ideas for future images. Architecture Buildings offer fantastic inspiration for photography. Lines, form and shape are used to make striking structures and can be a excellent source of inspiration. Focus on looking for the way the shapes are used to form elegant structures or draw your eye to a pivotal point.

Additionally, take note of the way shadows form, as this will help you imagine and anticipate lighting for future images. Online In the modern world the internet has a huge amount to offer, and with so many fantastic resources it is full of inspiration. One thing to avoid is that of visual trends, copying styles just because they are popular.

In person A great way to find inspiration is to become part of a community. Heading to events in the photography world such as exhibitions or trade shows can provide a great way to meet like-minded people as well as see some excellent work.

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Also, think about looking for a local photography group or club. Many areas have these and they offer a great chance to meet up and discuss work and camera techniques with your peers, all the while helping you improve and develop your skills.

The creative process and techniques in photography

Write down the names of artists and photographers you want to look up, and make notes on what you like and dislike about certain images and media. All of these thoughts and feelings are great to revisit when creating to help formulate and focus your own work.

Remember to keep that notebook handy! Purpose Creativity often needs purpose and so do your images. Images with purpose have greater strength. When wanting to improve your own images look for purpose within your shots.Vietnamese photography site has compiled a series of images that show how professional photographers use creative lighting techniques and props to capture breathtaking shots.

Check them out below.

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The creative process and techniques in photography

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Use The Creative Process to Improve Your Photography Skills. Use The Creative Process to Improve Your Photography Skills. Just about every toddler has a first obsession. For me, it was dinosaurs. For others, trains, elephants, monkeys, the solar system, bugs.

For my son, it is sharks.

How to Improve Your Art - The Creative Process in Photography