The impact of globalization within the fashion industry essay

Shopping and the Fashion Industry Since retailers can lower their prices to consumers by lowering their labor costs, consumers have unwittingly participated in intensifying a system of competition among manufacturers that drives wages and working conditions downward.

The impact of globalization within the fashion industry essay

The main reason behind this is increase trade relationship with among these countries along with increase in interaction among people. Furthermore, it has been addressed that India and China have been identified important tourist destinations for western people.

In addition to that both these countries along with other Asian countries are enriched with great culture, art, craft, history, traditions etc Ralston and et. That play most crucial role to attract visitors from all over the world.

This thing has played most crucial role and created significant impact fashion industry of West. These elements are also addressed in their fashion trends Fury, All of this developed gradually over more than five thousand years, a remarkable length of time for cultural traits to survive through.

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All these elements have created significant impact on the perception of people and western designer. Benyon and Dunkerley stated that Indo-Western clothing is identified as a best example of intersection of Indian and Western culture. In the contemporary era, Western styles were well established as an important part of Indian fashion that results some professional Indian women are considering the Western-style dresses along with saris for office wear.

In addition to that Fashionable Indian women are also wear traditional shalwar kameez and the kameez tunic is wear with jeans that is identified as precinct example of combination of culture that has emerged new trends in fashion industry in both Asian and Western countries Mato, In similar way, people of European nation are also using cloths related to Indo-Western combination.

As per the result of growth of economy, India is rapidly expanding its role along with its capacity for increasing in proportion in world trade of clothing and textile.

Vertically integrated companies are organized in a hierarchy and share a common owner.

The impact of globalization within the fashion industry essay

In addition to that various designers of India have managed great success in western fashion industry Industry Overview, Apart from that Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh are being addressed as important destinations on their low manufacturing costs due to cheap labor available.

The research of Lemire and Riello has found that the future global market for textile and fashion industry is going to expand in a significant way. The reasons for such expansion contains several element such as growth of new consumption markets, growth of modern retail business, boom of air and sea shipments along with logistic related activities.

Furthermore, the growth of textile and related production in Eastern Europe, ex Russian block, Turkey, Middle East, South East Asia, India, China as well as South America is addressed as most critical factor in order to increase interaction among people and their culture that leads great impact on fashion trends and perception of people Ralston and et.

In addition to that there are several ethical issues raised due to Westernization of Asian countries and culture. In this context, distortion of traditional lifestyle, clothing and traditions. In addition to that it is also increase inequality among people because people who wore western cloth in Asian region consider themselves more important and influential Manlow, It is also creating huge impact on traditional cloth manufacturing and crafting practices.

Therefore, it can be stated that Asian and Western culture is greatly influencing fashion industry of each other. Have a look at our latest dissertation samples! This essay has found that growth of Western and Asian culture in the fashion industry of each other countries have led several positive and negative impact such as development of new fashion design and promotion of traditional craft in all over the world along with distortion of traditional clothing etc.

Fashion and its social agendas: Class, gender, and identity in clothing. University of Chicago Press.For example, if I have 12 1’s for mall number 1 in Amsterdam, then I will look at the origin of each “1”.

If there is a variability of origin in the 1’s of each mall, and collectively nation, it can be inferred that the globalization of fashion, if occurring, is multiculturalized. References Achterberg, P. (). - Impacts of Globalization Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments of different nations via international trade and investment, as well as informational technology.

Many elements of globalization have an overall positive impact on our world economy. Though some positive aspects may take time, there are still several aspects of globalization that impact the world economy in a negative way.

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Now that we have explored that positive aspects in the previous paper. Globalization of Fashion PAGE 1 The Impact of Globalization within the Fashion Industry Arteria Ware ENGL Freshman Composition II Ms. Ogbaa November 26, Throughout history, the fashion industry has played a significant role in popular culture for people all over the world, who are different ages, races, shapes, and sizes.

The Global Assembly Line This paper investigates the globalization of the fashion industry and its effects on Ghanaian in- dependent fashion designers and finds feasible strategies that can be employed for the improve- ment of the fashion business in Ghana. The research is based on qualitative research approach which employs observation and interview for data collection.
Negative impact of globalization - Essay UK Free Essay Database Negative impact of globalization Negative impact of globalization Many elements of globalization have an overall positive impact on our world economy.

The impact of globalization has made substantial changes in fashion marketing however with the latest information technologies and communication systems the speed of this change will increase significantly forcing imaginative and innovative response to market.

In this essay, the impact of globalization on two industries the fashion industry and pharmaceutical industry are discussed. In the case of fashion industry, the globalization impacts are through the combination of cultural, technological and economic dimensions.

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