The key to my happiness

The mind is everything.

The key to my happiness

A girl can never have too many basic items, right? This dress is so comfy that my tomboy of a little sister bought it in black. I kept the comfort level going with my favorite summer sandals- my Birks. The soles of these sandals mold to your feet so they become the most comfortable shoes you will ever own besides Chacos of course.

I styled this dress with simple gold earrings and some of my favorite bracelets. My Alex and Ani bangles are my go to accessories. I wore my pineapple bangle and one with a paw print.

If something can be related to a puppy, I will most likely buy it. I also wore two of my newest bracelets, as well. They are chunkier, gold, wire bracelets. One features 12 gauge shotgun shells and the other is chunky, black stones. I absolutely adore wearing the two together. I think this is a funnier picture of myself but it shows off my earrings I mentioned earlier and my cute shades.

When I went on vacation with my family a couple of weeks ago I accidentally left my sunnies at home.

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So, my mom and I had to hurry to the closest mall and I found these cute babies there. I love that they are kind of cat-eyed and have gold trim at the top.

Gold is my favorite! When it comes to cute-comfort, this outfit is the way to go. Throw it on to run errands, go to lunch with friends, or even go on a date with that special someone! It is absolutely adorable and sure to get lots of compliments no matter where you wear it to. Dress it up with a long necklace a cute handbag or dress it down with converse and leave the accessories minimal.A lot of my fans view me as this beacon of happiness; however, I wasn’t always this way.

In my late teens and early twenties, I fell deep into anorexia and depression. I was obsessed with being thin, pretty, successful – thinking they equaled happiness. I struggled without even realising I had a problem.

In his book, CEO of Self (), Cain did say “Hope is the key to happiness, which is the key to success.” Close, but no cigar.

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Herman Cain may have been quoting someone else — possibly even Schweitzer. I just don’t yet know the origins of this quotation. KTHR is based in Texas, with a chapter in Wisconsin, and our goal is to save as many fur babies in the shelters as we can.

The key to my happiness

KTHR is an all-breed dog and animal rescue that specializes in rescuing a. One comment on “ Why Taking Chances is the Key to Happiness ” Vicky Angel says: April 19, at am. Congrats John, on finding happiness. And on writing an editorial that we actually want to read again.


The key to my happiness

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Happiness shouldn’t be a goal, it should be a habit. Take the focus off doing, and start being every day.

Be loving, be grateful, be helpful, and be a spectator to your own thoughts. The key to happiness lies in the gratitude that we have for life’s fundamentals like food, water, shelter, even breath.

These are things that we need to be in control of if we can help it. Being conscious of these aspects of our life allows us to feel alive.

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