Twitter small business planner

Allow followers to make a connection with your business. Share behind the scene photos of new product lines, new employees, trips to see suppliers.

Twitter small business planner

Twitter launched the Small Business Planner app to help with holiday promotions. Merchants can plan Twitter posting activity, explore content to share with followers, receive content ideas, and connect with other small business users.

Twitter Small Business Planner: Features According to Twitter, app users can do the following. Browse a daily calendar that is themed around four main topics: Content suggestions, recommended campaigns, information on Twitter tools, and Twitter events.

Get push notification reminders so that you can send Tweets, launch campaigns, and monitor progress. Access additional resources such as white papers, blog articles, and ebooks directly within the app. Download the app from the Google Play. Once installed, log in to your Twitter account through the app to access its features.

Start using the app by focusing on your business goals. Set up Twitter presence account ; Grow your list of relevant followers; Increase the number of website visits; Engage Twitter users; Increase the number of app installs; Get more sales and leads. Move into the Calendar section. The Calendar contains a daily breakdown of content ideas, suggested campaigns, tips on using Twitter tools, and information about free online event.

It is the most useful part of the app, in my view. Suggested Tweets and content ideas around seasonal and cultural events. This is not content that you would share verbatim with followers, but suggestions and ideas from which you can develop your content.

Twitter Ads campaign suggestions that are geared toward the holiday shopping season. Ads tools to help optimize and organize campaigns. News about upcoming training events. The Calendar contains content and campaign ideas and suggestions. The calendar displays entries on a daily view, but users can browse through upcoming weeks and add items to their personal agenda, to plan ahead.

Explore the Resource Library. The section links directly within the app to how-to guides and market research, success stories, blog articles, and ebooks.

Network with other users via the Home stream.

twitter small business planner

Connect with other app users to share updates about your holiday marketing campaigns, ask questions and see what they are doing. This is a great resource to search for new ideas and get feedback about your campaigns. The Home stream is a good place to get new campaign ideas. Twitter warns that the Home stream is not a place to sell products or services, or to share promotions and deals with the audience.

It is intended only as a peer-to-peer community to connect and share ideas.With Over ,, active users sending ,, tweets a day ( tweets per second!), small businesses should be looking to use twitter for engaging with .

Called Twitter Small Business Planner, the app offers “tactical guidance just in time for the busy holiday season,” to quote from Twitter’s Small Business Blog. Twitter launched the Small Business Planner app to help with holiday promotions.

For best results, learn how to use Twitter for marketing your small business. Facebook may still be the most effective social media platform out there but Twitter is coming in as a . TWITTER TOOL IT SHOPSMALL Welcome to Twitter for small business As a Premier Partner of Small Business Saturday®, we created this tool kit to help you get your business ready for the big day.

The Twitter Small Business Planner explained. The goal of the Twitter Small Business Planner app is to help small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) improve their Twitter marketing.

It is a deliberate move on Twitters part to get more potential advertisers not only using their service, but seeing the true value of it. Should your small business use Twitter?

Corey Perlman has the answer for you. Yes and no. Allow him to explain in his article, Should a Small Business Use Twitter?.

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