Unemployment in greece

Rania Antonopoulos February 12, The following is an extended version of a piece that originally appeared in Greek in Kathimerini. The responses to unemployment by the last three governments in Greece have been characterized by sloppy proposals and an insignificant amount of funds in relation to the size of the problem.

Unemployment in greece

One should note that the age group still suffers from the highest unemployment rate in the country. In should be recalled thought in the first years of the economic crisis the youth unemployment rate was above 50 percent. At the same time, to question are the labor conditions and the wages young Greeks receive.

Although currently no statistics, one just have to look around to see young people working in bars, cafes and restaurants in service and as delivery boys. If they are lucky to be hired for full time jobs, the wage they receive is euros gross per month, around net.

For part-time jobs they earn some euros and are often not registered at the social security agencies. It should also be stressed that the month of June opens job vacations in the tourism sector and many people find themselves again at the queues of the employment Agency as of October.

According to news agency amna, the general unemployment in Greece fell to The number of employed people was 3, in June, up 2. The number of people out of work was 3,, down 0. The unemployment rate among women was The age group recorded the highest unemployment rate May 23,  · At the same time, Greece will continue to struggle with high unemployment rates for decades to come.

Unemployment in greece

Its current unemployment rate is around 25 percent, the highest in the OECD, and after seven years of recession, its structural component is estimated at around 20 percent. Greece - Unemployment Unemployment rate falls in June According to data recently released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (torosgazete.com), the number of unemployed workers decreased by 12, in June compared with May and the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate fell to % from a revised % in the previous month (previously reported: %).

Greece remains the major exception to the eurozone’s wider recovery in growth and unemployment, suffering a slight rise in its double-digit jobless rate at the end of The country’s unemployment rate ended the year at per cent in December, revised up to that level from 23 per cent in November – the highest in the eurozone.

Greece - Labour Unemployment Rate in Greece fell to percent from percent and Youth Unemployment Rate went down to percent from percent in Jun Unemployment Rate all-time average stands at percent and it's projection for Aug is This statistic shows employment in Greece from to , with projections up until In , around million people were employed in Greece.

Employment in Greece Just like the rest of Greece’s economy, the job market has been adversely affected by the economic crisis of ; it has been struggling to recover ever since.

Unemployment in greece

Youth unemployment is Europe's other problem, although rates have fallen over the past year. Spain continues to have the highest youth unemployment rate, at pc, although this is down from pc in Youth unemployment in Greece stood at pc in , down from pc in

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