Vedanta mining a political analysis of

Formation[ edit ] The company's name comes from the Rio Tinto in southwestern Spain, which has flowed red since mining began there about years ago, due to acid mine drainage Hugh Matheson led the purchase of the Rio Tinto mines from Spain, and was the company's first president. Since antiquity, a site along the Rio Tinto, in the Andalusian province of Huelva in Spain has been mined for copper, silver, gold, and other minerals. After a period of abandonment, the mines were rediscovered in and the Spanish government began operating them once again in

Vedanta mining a political analysis of

History[ edit ] Stone and Bronze Age flint axes have been discovered embedded in coal, showing that it was mined in Britain before the Roman invasion.

Early miners first extracted coal already exposed on the surface and then followed the seams underground. Evidence to support these theories comes mostly from ash discovered at excavations of Roman sites. At this time coal was referred to as sea cole, a reference to coal washed ashore on the north east coast of England from either the cliffs or undersea outcrops.

As the supply of coal on the surface became used up, settlers followed the seam inland by digging up the shore. Generally the seam continued underground, encouraging the settlers to dig to find coal, the precursor to modern operations.

Coal mining employment in the UK, DECC data Coal production increased dramatically in the 19th century as the Industrial Revolution gathered pace, as a fuel for steam engines such as the Newcomen engineand later, the Watt steam engine.

To produce firewood in the s equivalent in energy terms to domestic consumption of coal would have required 25 million acres of land per year, nearly the entire farmland area of England 26 m. The development of the steam locomotive by Trevithick early in the 19th century gave added impetus, and coal consumption grew rapidly as the railway network expanded through the Victorian period.

Coal was widely used for domestic heating owing to its low cost and widespread availability. The manufacture of coal also provided coal gaswhich could be used for heating and lighting. Most of the workers were children and men. Wales UK coal production peaked in at million tonnes. Ninety-five per cent of this came from roughly 1, deep-mines that were operational at the time, with the rest from around 92 surface mines.

In the s and s, around a hundred North East coal mines were closed. In earlythe Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher announced plans to close 20 coal pits which led to the year-long miners' strike which ended in March The strike was unsuccessful in stopping the closures and led to an end to the closed shop in British Coalas the breakaway Union of Democratic Mineworkers was formed by miners who objected to the NUM's handling of the strike.

This coincided with initiatives for cleaner energy generation as power stations switched to gas and biomass. A total of million tons was produced inbut by the amount was around 50 million tons. The mine was closed by British Coal in the privatisation of the industry fourteen years earlier and re-opened after being bought by the miners who had worked at the pit.

Skouries – A Story of Political Emancipation

Incoal imported was three times more than the coal mined in Britain, despite large resources in the country. The commodity is also used for fertiliserschemicals, plasticsmedicines and road surfaces. Hatfield Colliery closed in Juneas did Thoresby, and in DecemberKellingley, bringing to an end deep coal mining in the UK.

On 20 December, thousands of people turned out for a march in Yorkshire to mark the occasion.Critics are protesting the company’s reported practice of pollution, tax evasion and capital flight.

Miriam Rose reports.. Friday 5th August marks the thirteenth Annual General Meeting of British mining company Vedanta Resources, and the thirteenth annual protest against it. In a major contribution to the on-going debate on imperialism, Patrick Bond argues that an explanation of imperialist political-economy and geopolitics must incorporate subimperialisms.

John Smith’s old-fashioned binary of North/South prevents him from fully engaging with David Harvey’s overall concern about uneven geographical development.

Vedanta Resources plc is a global diversified metals and mining company headquartered in London. It is the largest mining and non-ferrous metals company in India and also has mining operations in .

Vedanta mining a political analysis of

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