Writing a sabbatical proposal

It was a very well-attended meeting with many good suggestions and ideas. I felt very supported in this, even though anxieties were expressed by both the congregation and me. Someone had asked if I would post the sabbatical proposal we sent to the Lilly Endowment in order to receive the grant we received.

Writing a sabbatical proposal

Abstract Please include at the top of your Abstract: Clearly summarize your proposal, addressing the following: The abstract is read by both the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees, and, as a result, is a critical component of your proposal.

You are strongly urged to keep your Abstract to ONE page. It should be a summary and an overview addressing the needs that you will satisfy. The specifics should be detailed in the Expected Outcomes and your Narrative. Summary of Expected Outcomes Please include at the top of your Summary: Please elaborate on the specific expected outcomes of your project, or the results that will be achieved, listing their benefits for Santa Barbara City College Programs and students.

The outcomes you describe here will be the criteria by which the success of your sabbatical project will be evaluated. This Summary is read by both the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees, and, as a result, is a critical component of your proposal.

You may elaborate on this Summary in your proposal Narrative, but be aware that the Narrative may not be read by the Senate or the Board due to time constraints. Please make your Summary as concise and precise as possible so that it may "stand alone.

writing a sabbatical proposal

Proposal Narrative The Narrative should be a very detailed explanation and justification of your proposal. Write the Narrative to clarify what, where, when, how, and why. Projects having the best chance of approval are ones that address the following points, preferably in this order: Specificity of Goals and Outcomes- In a superior proposal the objectives are very clearly defined and expected outcomes are logical and likely to be achieved.

Benefit to College - A superior proposal clearly identifies goals which will be of benefit to the College and the Department. A superior proposal also connects your goals to the most recent College Plan.

Urgency of Leave - A superior proposal will describe circumstances that illustrate why the leave should be taken at this time. Difference from Ongoing Responsibilities - A superior proposal explains why the leave activity is not possible while maintaining a full teaching load.

Timeline Please submit a specific monthly timeline noting primary activities and anticipated deadlines.

writing a sabbatical proposal

If you are developing new courses or working with articulation agreements, please check the CAC deadlines for submitting information. For articulation also consult with the College Articulation Officer. Travel If the proposal includes travel, is the travel component necessary to the sabbatical project?

If yes, please explain.

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If your proposal does not include travel, then please indicate this clearly. If you are planning extensive travel be sure to contact your Health Insurance provider and make arrangements for coverage. Faculty Resource Center Please submit the signed form regardless of your need. This allows the FRC to plan resources allocation.

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Note that the form also assures that any distance learning tools are in compliance with Title Five accessibility requirements. Submitting your Proposal A. Submit three 3 working copies of your proposal to the Academic Senate Office no later than 4: Retain a copy for your records.

Submit an electronic copy of your Abstract, Expected Outcomes, and Narrative including timeline to the Committee Chair. If the Committee requests revision of your Proposal to make it stronger, it will be necessary to submit 2 revised copies.

Keep a complete copy of your original proposal. Modification of your Sabbatical Proposal after proposal has been through recommendation and approval A. If it becomes necessary to modify your original proposal, review the Policies.

Obtain letters of support from your Department Chair and your Division Dean.Sample Sabbatical Proposals Page Content Our gratitude is extended to Professor Amber Katherine and Professor Judith Remmes for permitting the Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Awards Committee to post their successful Sabbatical Proposal.

This sabbatical proposal will support and advance my ultimate objective: Several discussion questions for each selection & two writing assignment options for the. Last Sunday, we had a parish meeting to discuss my upcoming sabbatical in May -July It was a very well-attended meeting with many good suggestions and ideas.

Proposal. How to Prepare and Submit your Proposal. I. Planning your Proposal. A. Think about specific goals for the sabbatical and how these goals can be measured. Page 1 of 8 Proposal for Pastoral Sabbatical Submitted by the Rev.

Stephanie E. Anthony to the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Hudson, WI September 16, Proposal for Pastoral Sabbatical From the Sabbatical Leave policy adopted by the Session of FPC Hudson on August 20, Sabbatical leave defined Sabbatical leave is a carefully planned period of time in which a pastor is granted leave That newsletter is attached to this proposal as Appendix A.].

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